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The Salon Supply Company

The Salon Supply Company is a division of Gloves Unlimited, Inc. located in New Jersey. We ship products across the country. The salon division sells salon products at wholesale prices you can purchase products in the online store or call to speak with one of our representatives 1-800-724-6507.

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We are excited to introduce a new black vinyl glove to our line. It is extremely comfortable, hides stains, and is attractive on the hand. It is latex-free and perfect for those with latex allergies. Better yet, we have kept the price at an affordable price for you.

The Salon Supply Company continues to feature a full line of high quality vinyl, latex, and Nitrile gloves, all at low prices.

We also sell table paper, all paper disposable products such as facial tissues, toilet tissues, beverage napkins, kitchen towels, coffee products such as hot cups and cutlery, and cleaning supplies.

In addition to all this, we sell towels, processing caps, and shampoo capes. You name it, we have it!

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Gloves Unlimited, Inc was founded in 1988. The owner of the company first saw the growing need for protection gloves in the dental market. The reaction and demand was so strong, that Gloves Unlimited soon became a national disposable glove company. We have since developed into a company that sells gloves and other disposable products in many markets, with an ever expanding interest in the Salon industry.

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